Today, Business Concept International plc stands at a leading position in various sectors of the Maltese industry.

Our values define us, how we work, as well as how we interact with our employees, clients and partners. Our values are important to us and so are our client’s needs. As a group of companies, we are committed to providing only the best of corporate services in Malta by engaging with our clients, leading to long-term loyalty and relationships.

Our team of professionals is composed of warranted accountants and auditors, executives, administration and marketing specialists, property consultants as well as junior undergraduate staff, operating from different offices in central Malta. Through our Group of Companies, we are able to offer various services to our clients. The close collaboration between the different teams makes a unique setup. 

The Group of Companies founded by Chairman Adrian Sciberras and assisted by Directors Charlene Sciberras and William Van Buren employs over 25 professionals who are driven by our passion to give an efficient, fast and personal service and are committed to achieving and maintaining high standards. Our best satisfaction is being able to offer tailor-made solutions to our customers, leading to long-term relationships and referrals from our very own successful and satisfied clients.


Our vision

Business Concept International’s vision is to persist in delivering unrivalled services to its clients. We strongly believe in our employees, a professional and resourceful workforce, and together, we are able to provide efficient and effective services to our local and international clientele.