A+A Assurance Services Ltd specialises in audit and assurance services with a focused approach, maintaining continuous communication with the client throughout the audit process. The company’s proficient team is here to provide you with incomparable services and help you undertake a smarter business in Malta. 

A+A Assurance Services Ltd.’s setup allows forceful human resources, tools and methodologies to be able to deliver a high standard service. The aim is to exceed our customer’s expectations. A+A Assurance Services Ltd are able to do so by addressing the services provided as a benefit for their clients rather than just a job assigned to them.

Year after year, we have been entrusted with financial statements from clients stemming from diverse backgrounds and industries. A+A Assurance Services Ltd tailor-made auditing services will contribute in building assurance through consistency and transparency, regardless of the size of your business.

A+A Assurance Services Ltd assists clients in a vast range of areas, including:

  • Statutory and regulatory audits
  • Assistance in the preparation of financial statement
  • Company tax returns and tax refund applications

For more information about A+A Assurance Services Ltd visit our website, www.assurance.com.mt.

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